Enterprise Cybersecurity Software: A cosmic sea with sporadic stardust

Cybersecurity Product Landscape

Cybersecurity Value Chain: Product listings are not MECE
  1. Network Security using Zero Trust and Secure Access methodologies (ZTNA & SASE)
  2. Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions
  3. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions
  4. Vulnerability Management Solutions (CVE)
  5. Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)
  6. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  7. Managed and Extended Detection & Response (MDR & XDR)
  8. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) platform

Key User Personas

Security is a priority for different roles within an organization. Below is a summary of how different user personas seek and perceive different products.

Product-User Mapping

Market Landscape

Cybersecurity Market Sizing
Fragmented Landscape

Key Differentiators in Cybersecurity

Differentiators in Cybersecurity
Product-Player Mapping


Cybersecurity serves as a large market where a plethora of different players can coexist. That being said, founders should demonstrate a clear right to win and capture market share in this space. Legacy players have developed a foothold on the market through the plethora and variety of products they offer and the relationships they have built with enterprises. Founders building in this space may differentiate themselves by building a product having a good user experience, and integrations with common workflows, with a strong delta for organizations, offered in a particular product category. As an early-stage investor, I’m excited to partner with startups building in this space. Founders can reach out at parth@venturehighway.vc.



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